Friday, September 30, 2011

Special Visitors

Piper, Nolan, and Lexia came to visit us! It was so much fun to see the kids and for them to see the baby again.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Date: September 24, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First days home...

Today was our last day of the work week with William home from work- Paternity leave should be longer. Our week was filled with walks through the city, friends visiting, and lots of staring at this sweet baby and becoming more and more smitten with her.

Date: September 23, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Who dies she look like?

Who does she look like? People ask this all the time, but I hate to tell everyone... I have no idea!
I think she just looks like Will because she has dark fuzz, but really she just looks like herself...
Any ideas?

Date: September 22, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The first of many photo shoots

Poor Emma Perry is going to be blinded by the lights of my flash... Forever.
She is 4 days old in these pics.

Date: September 21, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Whats in a name?

The first two days of life for baby she was just that... baby. We didn't have a name for her and really couldn't decide. It was terrible for me. I didn't want to talk about it and felt awful that I didn't know what to name her. I knew that I loved Emma and Charlotte the most. But mainly Charlotte. One problem. She didn't look like a Charlotte. I was so confused. Then we heard the name Perry and knew it was one of our favorite streets in West Village. Moving to NYC was great for our family, but moving to West Village specificallywas the best choice of neighborhood for us before baby. Perry street is lovely, quaint, and quite romantic. It was perfect.

We were suppose to check out of the hospital at 10 am that morning, but we couldn't leave until we filled out her birth certicicate paperwork and chose a name. People had been driving me nuts asking what we were going to name her and I ignored the question completely.

I burst into tears as I prayed a dramatic prayer that we would know what she was to be named and when I was done William explained something very important that I hadn't thought of... He said that no matter her name she would be serve the Lord the same and teach of the gospel the same and all the things that really matter would not be changed because of her name. I felt better and told him to pick up the pen and fill out the paperwork. I truly couldn't handle the pressure. Hey, I did the hard part by getting her here- He could take the pressure of picking the name.

So I looked away until he was done and saw her baby girl Egan was now.....


This is the alarm that goes off if she is taken from the hospital without being released. I liked this thing a lot.

Thanks Catherine for getting me a room by the window and with a private shower and bathroom- Nice to have an in at the hospital. :)

Ready to go home with EMMA PERRY!!

Date: September 19, 2011

She's ours.

I love our hospital braclets so much because they are just one more example of proof that she's all ours. Ever since I felt these little feet kicking I have been dying to see them and hold them.

Date: September 20, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcome Home Emma Perry

Welcome home Emma Perry. We are so excited to have you finally home with us!!

Date: September 19, 2011

Do you know how to cry??

This is one of the first times we actually heard her cry really loud. I'm scared to jinx myself, but she is an awesome baby. I still think this picture is awesome, because I was a little happy to see her cry for the first time just to hear her little voice.

Date: September 20, 2011

Baby Makes 3

Meet the Egan Family

Our days in the hospital were amazing. I ended up having a room to myself. William got to stay over with us. Baby girl Egan slept great and I had to force myself to put her in the bassinet instead of sleeping with me. As soon as I got to the postpartum room I wanted to share her with my dear friends. Taylor, Casey and Todd came as soon as they could. It was so fun to start sharing her with people I love. Calleen and Bill were only a few hours away so they told us we didn't have a choice in the matter. It was fun to see them with her.

The second day the Wallaces came to visit with their arms full of treats they heard us mention we liked and trashy magazines to keep me company after they left! It was so fun to see Catherine again after such a great birth and share BG Egan with Nolan and Piper. Nolan was not shy about her at all- He came straight to the bed and asked to hold her. He said, "Do you hear your Dad right now? He is talking. I will teach you how to talk one day." It melted my heart. Jenna and Erica came by later and something amazing happened. Jenna shared with me her love for the hospital and how peaceful and holy it feels to her because its full of miracles and so many new bodies with excited spirits. This touched me and allowed me to enjoy a night alone while Will went home sick and exhausted.

It was amazing to have time to stare at my baby. My baby. I'm a mom. Wow. Heavenly Father's creative powers have never felt so real to me.

William came back to the hospital late that night and slept in the bed with baby and me. It was pretty amazing to have our newly improved and bigger family all together.

Date: September 17th and 18th, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Egans did it! Baby Girl Egan Arrives!!


Written in my phone and found later....

"I'm having contractions and I just want to sleep. Can't this baby come after a long nights normal sleep?! I have no idea when to call the doctor because I can't really tell what's going on- I've been in the shower all night off and on since 11:30pm- its now 4am. Is it going to hurt worse than this? Who knows. Will is asleep and I just want him to sleep because there is nothing he can do, but get sleep in case we have this baby soon. I don't even know her name. Can I do this labor this thing? Will Catherine come? Ahhh just stopped for a contraction. I'm going to try and sleep. 3 minutes later. Just kidding. I'm in pain. Worse than cramps- If I get out of the shower it worsens. I tried to blow dry and straighten my hair to take my mind off it. Negative ghost rider. Didn't work because I have to stop every few minutes to contract and wallow on the floor. Will is snoring."
4: 07- bad one
4: 13
4: 16
4: 20... Continued until 6:00 when I finally woke Will up after getting dressed and told it him was time. He said he was helping someone move in 30 minutes and asked it I could wait. (Little does he know I have been "waiting" since 4 am.

After Will taking forever to unpack and re pack our bag that's been packed for two weeks! And then finally done with taking numerous pictures while contracting- we walked out the door. Sweet hubs didn't understand yet that this is the real deal- he still thought he was making football at 8 am.

We walked out of our building and will said, "should we take a cab or the train?" I knew he was kidding, but it wouldn't be my husband if he didn't suggest the train. I tried to laugh at all his jokes- it was cute he tried so hard to make me laugh at this time. We had a short walk to find a cab- on our bumpy way to the hospital. It was a painful ride! But the worst moment was when I stepped out the cab at the hospital and I literally thought, "this is it. I waited too long and I can't make it in the door of the hospital." But really, I was done and wanted to be carried in- a security guard saw us and ran to help me get in a wheel chair. I never screamed, moaned or yelled, but the pain was intense.
Will wheeled me to the
Tisch wing for labor and delivery where a sweet nurse tended to me until a hospital assigned doctor came to see how dilated I was- I knew I was already 3 cm before arriving so I was hoping for some progression- 6cm! Glad we came in. 6 was a magical number because as soon as Will heard it he sprung into action as coach, masseuse and doula. I told him to call Catherine immediately- that's Nolan's mom- yes, I'm lucky enough to have my friend and boss also be my doctor! Huge blessing that I didn't even realize the extent of until today when I had been quickly given an antibiotic for group strep b through and iv and then allowed to get in the shower for pain relief- I heard her voice say she was hear and instant mental relief occurred. Will was rubbing the small of my back during each contraction while trying to give Andrew Checketts directions to football- don't worry I kept telling him to answer his phone as I took my mind off of things. The sweet nurse came in and said, "dad, your wife is doing a natural birth- she needs all of your attention!" I laughed a little.

Suddenly, the tables turned- I had to go to the bathroom! Yikes, I'm in the hospital shower- I yelled for Catherine she said- "don't push! You don't have to go to the bathroom! Its the baby's head!" I freaked out. I had no idea it would actually feel like the pressure, only intensified, of going to the bathroom. I ran soaking wet to the table for her to check me, 8cm, but not close enough to push yet. Stage one of labor had lasted 5 hours so far.. Went back to the shower- with Will's help I lasted another contraction before feeling like I was going to explode if I didn't push so I ran back to the table actually thinking she could fall out at any second. Mind you I am soaking wet and didn't care that pre-arrival my hair was straight and so pretty and I didn't even stop to dry off.

She explained to me how to properly "push" this baby out!
Every time I feel a contraction I am to take a deep breath and hold and push for 10 seconds and repeat this 2 more times. Since I didn't have an IV or epidural I was able to try several positions before finding one I could work with. The baby is sunny side up I was told- this will take longer to push her out assuming she will flip over on her own. My amazing nurse Emily coached me through several ways to get her to flip- I continued to push. Catherine told us that our only hiccup is that she is "sunny side up" this making it tough/ impossible to push out unless she flipped face down to come out- I pushed for one 1 hour and 50 minutes- most of which she was "crowning"- which was insanely painful. The nurse said- "she's not going back in during contractions, are you okay!?" The johnny cash "ring of fire" song has a whole new meaning.

They asked it I wanted a mirror- I said no and I'm so glad because although I did not go to natural labor class- I went into a self hypnosis naturally somehow and was fully aware of my surroundings, but unaware of the extent of pain my body was going through- well I knew the pain actually, but not how long. I had no idea how long I had been at the hospital. William was amazing. He talked the entire time and coached me through every second. My nurse Emily had such a calm reassuring voice reminding me to rest between contractions. She laughed at the crazy position I found most comfortable and named it the "Amanda" position because it was the first time she had seen anyone be in it. I had my feet up on the bar and back in the small of the bed to receive my back pain somewhat. I kept saying, "I can't push harder/do better!" Catherine would say, "yes you can. And you will." I didn't ever ask for pain medicine- which is surprising, but will kept reassuring me that I could have them at any point. I just wanted to get relief and hear her cry. I changed positions quickly out of a urge for greater comfort- another nurse came to hold my legs as the bar was swiftly removed.

Finally, after lots of hard pushes Catherine offered to use a vacuum to flip her and pull her out. She commended me for doing everything on my own so far and said its nothing to be ashamed of- that wasn't my problem at all- I didn't want her head to be misshapen because I couldn't push hard enough. My sweet nurse whispered,"don't do it!"

Will was supportive of anything and before I even heard an answer about her head being misshapen my next contraction came and I pushed harder than ever and sweet relief and pure amazement occurred. Her head, shoulders, another push and body, hips and legs came out. It was the MOST Miraculous experience anyone can ever feel. I was so thankful I had such a great husband, doctor and nurse to be able to do this. Will says what happened next was the fastest few seconds with the most action. She came out, he cut the cord, whisk on my stomach, nurse cleaned her and the greatest moment of my life occurred.

Baby Girl Egan was here. 6 pounds 13 ounces. 10:38 am. 20 Inches. Perfection.

Finally, she was on my chest where she belonged.

I was so happy to see her, but I had torn on the inside a little and 8 minutes after he coming out I delivered the placenta and was sewn up- it was as painful as her crowning as I still had no pain relief. Terrible. Even worse than delivery because I just wanted to stare and enjoy holding her. As our skin touched my body felt healed. She was truly straight from our Heavenly Father. The purest and most beautiful thing in the world. We were truly in love.
A nurse took an imprint of her foot for us and then Will put her first diaper on as I watched in amazement at what we had accomplished in 3 hours at the Hospital.

She was stunningly beautiful and so alert and well, perfect because she is ours.

We were never letting go of this baby girl.

Thank you to William for being the absolute best husband and birthing coach ever- seriously- he surpassed my hopes and expectations. At one point he had been talking so much to me- Catherine asked if I wanted "them" to be quiet while I pushed! I laughed a little because I knew she meant William. I loved having his full and complete support. I remember him asking- is this baby coming before 11? Catherine said yes. I had no idea what that meant in relation to what time it was- after delivery I realized there was a clock right beside my bed, but I am SO happy I didn't see it before!

My nurse, Emily, had the sweetest voice I have ever heard. She could calm me down if I was on fire. Which I guess I was a little at some points. I couldn't have been more lucky than to have a nurse that believed in natural birth and in me as a patient.

And Catherine. She was so calm and relaxed during the whole birth- she said she knew we were both safe and okay so she wasn't worried. I have never felt more thankful for a employer.

Date: September 17, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cafe Rio Cravings

Baby update... she could come any day now, but as of now.. Im at work and glad she is taking her time getting here... Im feeling good and the longer she stays in the healthier she is...

In the mean time...
Mary Martha and I decided to suit our pregnancy cravings and take on making a yummy Cafe Rio salad. Its a lot of work, but its the most amazing taste I know of. Seriously, I crave this more than anything else- pregnant or not. My mouth is salivating just looking at the pictures. Anytime anyone is up for a Cafe Rio night at home- let me know.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Live with Regis and Kelly!

Whitney and I decided to try our hand at early morning TV show filming and headed to Regis and Kelly bright one AM. We stood in the no ticket line just hoping we would get in... eventually we met the two great women below from Hershey PA who saw pity on the pregnant gal in line and gave us two extra tickets. This big stomach comes in handy more than you would think! We sat on the front row and even got to chat with Kelly. She made some wise cracks about me being about to pop and asked, "Did someone in the audience impregnate you?" Whitney wittily replied, "Regis did!" Everyone laughed. Then she told me stories about having to hop into her tall director chair and going to the bathroom a little each time in her fancy dresses. She also tried to claim that she was enormous, but I think anyone who has ever seen her knows that's not possible. Kelly told me her best advice was to sleep when the baby is sleeping, but really do it. Hand her off to anyone offering to hold her so I can wash my hair and take longer than a 3 minute shower and just enjoy the heck out of every minute because they grow up too fast. It was an awesome experience and all the better because of our free tickets and chatting with Kelly twice for a while. Thanks Whit for knocking off a NYC to do list with me! Apparently, we even made it on camera a few times smiling and clapping like buffoons!
This is the Women's Tennis US Open Champ below...
Vampire Diaries guy

Ms. Doubtfire's competition himself: Gotta love some Pierce Brosman

Extreme Team: They beat a Guinness book record of flips and dunks today.