Sunday, August 29, 2010


Catherine came to visit us before heading to the Hamptons to nanny for one of my friends- She has all the pictures from the visit so I'll send you to her for the goods- Please visit Catherine's blog to check out our photos. Cat and I are both working on our photography skills so enjoy.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

West Village walks

When William is away I just like to walk around and take pictures in the city- Today I couldn't get enough of my own neighborhood.
The first two pictures are of my favorite.
I want to recreate this one day- somehow- on something. This finish is AMAZING.

Pop Bar to end the day

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Streets.

Park Avenue closed a few Saturdays in August for bikers, runners, walkers, skaters, and basically anyone but cabs and cars. It was a day of exercise and fun for NYC. They had dumpster pools, free bike and skate rental, free food, and lots of different classes. I met up with the Hardings to eat at Shake Shack and check out the Bali class (that was WILD). I wish I would have participated more, but it was just a fun idea I had to share. Will needs to get back in town.

So above our table there was this FEARLESS squirrel that was eating berries and dropping them on my head throughout my meal. It was kind of scary- I even jumped out of my chair in fear and crushed Kate's puppy toy -she was not very happy but I promised to replace it as the tears built up in her eyes. :)

This is Bali dancing. It was so crazy. I want to take a class.

Friday, August 13, 2010

"Block Beautiful"

Aka 19th Street between Third Avenue and Irving Place. The name comes from an issue of House Beautiful from the turn of the 20th century, praising Frederick J. Sterner's remodeling of the blocks 19th century houses. The name stuck and refers today to those 20th century houses that were then praised for being modern.
Think about that as you check out the few pictures I took

This entire building had SO much detail. It was amazing.
I loved the detail of the underside of the windows.

Amazing ivy covered building.

Stained glass windows

Above the door
Carriage House from 19th century that was remodeled
No. 139 Four figurines of jockeys in front
No. 145 Lion gargoyles in front of entrance

No. 124 Beautiful one family home with stair step gables

I had read about this block before, but happened upon it on a walk and met the most lovely women who told me stories about each of the buildings as she has seen it changed over the past 30 years living on the block. She encouraged me to see Working Girl because 80 Irving Place was Sigourney Weaver's character's home. I love thinking that this was what modern, eclectic and colorful meant to Sterner as he remodeled the block.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Deep Creek Lake

Will and I headed to Deep Creek Lake, MD for the weekend to see
The Parsons for the first time in OVER a YEAR!! It was so amazing (I tried to come up with a better word that really expresses how great it was, but I just can't find a word to express my sincere excitement) to see them and take a mini vacation. I was there for Saturday and Sunday and could not get enough of Robby's chattering, Esther's back rubs and chats, Will in his swim suit with amazing long legs, boat rides, great food and good good good friends. I was just so happy to see everyone.

Becca , Esther, Me, sweet little Annie (who is such a doll)
Was starting to forget how much fun I have with this girl- Love you Es
It took Robby about 20 minutes to figure out we are the same people from his birth to 2 year old that begged to be with him anytime we could. I LOVE this little man.

He is SOOO big!
Meet Annie. Picture describes her perfectly.
I normally dont like pictures of myself, but this one was so fun because I am talking to Es on the boat and just loving every minute of it.

Ahhh- How crazy it was for me to travel
that far in such a short time-
I left Will there to party on for a few more days-
I actually cried when I left.
I was so sad to leave this happy place.
But I am so grateful that we made it happen!
Can't wait to do it again... but next time Will stays with ME!
Love you Parsons, Romneys, and Pincocks!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Soho walkabout

I met Angie after work to tag along for a walk through Soho with a real photographer- She even let me play a little- I love the city- especially Soho- every street has such character.

*Great activity that must be relived. Again. And again*

Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is so me.

I want this. Makes two servings of fresh homemade ice cream in 12 minutes.
Thank you Hamilton Beach and Target for making a selling such an incredible machine.
Can you imagine just adding some fresh ingredients and different toppings to
have sweet bliss on a summer night.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shake Shack picnic

Will worked all weekend and when he finally got off Saturday I was thrilled to meet some friends at the Madison Square park for some relaxation & most importantly some Shake Shack.
I stole Shanna's camera and decided that one day I have to have one.
I just love taking pictures- esp when you have models like this:
Meet Eloise -