Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day with my Valentines.

I met these two in Chelsea to hit up my go to dinner spot- Westville. EP was such a big girl and sat upright at the booth while we ate. She is so interested in food and drinks- I can not wait to let her eat solid foods. After dinner we headed to Chelsea Market for nutella and banana crepes. 
We got home and put baby to bed after a long night only to find her ready for action after an hour and couldn't resist staying up to play with her late into the night. 
Great Valentines Day. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

This Valentines Day we have a new LOVE. 

Thanks to Paloma for the amazing pics! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy 25 years to me.

Magnolia Bakery banana pudding. 
I could watch them frost cakes and cupcakes for hours. 

I must say this is the largest labor of love that I have ever received. This cake was make while Casey was contracting in preparations for baby Harper to come! She headed to the hospital only minutes after handing off this amazingly delicious cake. I spent the rest of the night eating cake with dear friends- thanks to Larsens for having us over! And checking my phone every few minutes with news of Harper. 

We thought it would be cute to see her play in the cake- but before we could stop her she was taking a taste of her own! She is her father's daughter. 

Love my annual flowers from Pops and Mawmaw. 

And cards from Piper and Nolan. Check out the D in my acrostic poem- Demanding. Haha- Piper is always telling me that I am such a strict nanny. She apoligized and said it was the only D word that she could think of. Little man drew a picture of me and made a maze for me to run through. 

It was a fabulous birthday and many thanks to my family and friends for making it happen. 

Noted: Baby Harper came into the world just after my birthday ended. 
She is healthy and strong and we can't wait to meet her! 

Birthday Weekend!

My birthday was on a Sunday this year- thus we got to celebrate all weekend! Saturday started off with a shopping trip to Soho. I loved C Wonder most of all. This store was a blast- 
 We were obsessed with this throw. 
 Love these charms. 
 They had professional Love Letter writers- 
William filled out his letter and it will come in the mail in a week. So fun. 
 Loved this sweater. 

 Jeans. Jeans. Jeans. 
The dressing room was fab- I could change the music, volume, and lighting. 

 Little one was perfection. 
 So we rewarded her by taking her to the new baby J&R to play! 

 We went by Casey's to cheer on baby Harper to come soon!
 Emma practiced sitting up and Casey stayed close to soften her falls. 
 Sitting up 
 Come on Harp! 
 Bumped into Sponge Bob
 Just hanging out 

Our fun day was concluded with complete perfection. Our friends, the Spallinos, kept Emma for us to go out to dinner by ourselves. It was so exciting to be away and feel like adults and not just Mom and Dad. We ate an amazing dinner at L'artusi. 
William ordered the chicken and it was possibly the most amazing dish I have ever had. Seriously. 
What a great birthday. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Emma by Jane Austen

Mawmaw sent a special package for EP including Jane Austen's Emma. 
Thanks Mawmaw! 

Lets go BIG BLUE

Giants defeated the Patriots in this year's Super Bowl. To celebrate good ole New York threw a big parade. I must say they need some help with their floats, but it was exciting madness to walk through. Emma Perry had no idea what was going on- but she knew she loved the crowd. We headed to Leah's to watch the remnants of the parade from a block over and 17 floors high. 
Proud of Eli for bringing a big Victory home! 

EP's first play date!

Jay and Emma Perry were born just a month a part. It was so fun having them down for our first of many play dates! They were so sweet just staring and reaching for each other. 
It was so cute to watch.