Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

So excited to have a live tree this year with our little family.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Morning

Watching boys play basketball... can't imagine Emma Perry being as big as Eloise. Watching her play at the park this morning was a little sereal. Sometimes I forget our baby girl is going to grow up. I just love her the way she is, but it sure will be fun to see what she is like as she gets bigger. 

Thanksgiving Part 4: Explore the City

Dylan's Candy Bar.
Santa at Bloomingdales. 
Central Park 

Times Square

Its always fun to have family and friends in town to play in the city. 
Just noticed that sign in this last picture. Sorry about that.
It was black friday and a pretty insane crowd. 

Thanksgiving Part 3: Dinner

Westville cooked our Thanksgiving dinner- I was totally against having dinner out, but Westville was the best place possible.The food was delish and it was even better to come home and have another turkey at home as well- We will eat turkey sandwiches for weeks. Seriously. 

Kayla fell asleep on the floor beside the table. It was pretty funny. 

What am I thankful for?
Well she is tiny and beautiful and perfect and her name is Emma Perry. 
He is tall, dark and handsome. And his name is William. 
Our family. 
The Gospel. 
Our home. 
New York City. 
Central Park. 
My camera. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Part 2: Parade Party

 We had the oppertunity to view the parade from The Wallace's apartment again this year- Its so excited to sit on the window sill and watch the balloons we saw from last night in the parade. Will ran off to play in the Turkey Bowl, but Baby and I enjoyed the show.

Thanksgiving Part 1: Balloon Inflation

Last year I took Piper and Nolan to the Parade Balloon Inflation and this year I couldn't wait to go back and bring William and Emma Perry. Its totally packed, but so much fun! 

 William's favorite is Spiderman. 

 Mayor Bloomberg spotting. 
At a Pie Party after the Balloons- Completely exhausted with our little friend Abby Winter- the girls are a week apart.

Great night and start to Thanksgiving festivities!!