Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jersey Shore

We have been heading to the Jersey Shore for a few weekend beach trips. Its been so great to fall asleep on the sand, eat picnics, learning to surf, Nelson/Egan Olympics, dog watching, starburst blackjack playing, fish taco eating, and just plain fun. We took a turn with a surf board once and had a blast. I think Will and I have a problem- We try surfing one day and we think we are "surfers"- It was really fun- We all got up! Our most infamous story we have from the beach is- We used our floaties to surf the week of Hurricane Bill because the surf shops were not even renting boards because it was so dangerous- We were in the water for a little bit and then came back to our towels to find that our starburst and cookies were flying all over the place with the seagulls dumping out our ziplocks of goodies. They actually opened the starburst and ate our whole bag of snickerdoodles. Unbelievable. We were furious. Period. The beach has been a blast and something that we look forward to everyday of the work week. Thanks Rachel and Jeff for driving us out!!