Friday, March 23, 2012

Day Trip to CT

Taylor and I loaded up the girls and headed to CT. The first 10 minutes we had no idea what we had done- girls screaming in the back seat- Taylor riding backwards helping them and navigating for me. It was crazy. But eventually they fell asleep and it was peaceful cruising. We drove to Westport and walked around and shopped. It was a cute town on the water. Then we headed to Greenwich to see our dear friend Lizzie. It was my first time to Greenwich Main Street and I am in love. Great shopping. Yummy gelato. Great friends. Great day. Must do this again.
Like mother, like daughter. 
Loving these CT streets- Apparently Main and Elm are in every town. 

Except next time we will make sure we have better directions then this to get home at night.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break with the Duffs in Destin

Disclaimer: Picture overload here- but I learned while I was home that my family checks my blog religiously so I'm doing it for them!! 

Destin had lots to offer us during our Spring Break trip: 
EP's FIRST TIME ON THE BEACH!! Cousins that couldn't get enough of "Nema Perry", late night tennis matches, long talks about stocks and politics with my grandparents, board games, naps on the beach, homemade BYU mint Brownies, outlet shopping, grandparent's stories and advice, chickfla drive thru, and lots and lots of much needed family time. 

Briggs couldn't wait to get his hands on "Nema"

First sensation of the salt water rushing over her feet in the sand. She was a little nervous, but I was determined she was going to love it. 

Wiped out quickly from all the beach action. 


Mawmaw reading Peter Rabbit to EP
You know your special when Mawmaw risks getting a tan by hitting the beach. Pops on the other hand can't wait for the strongest sun possible to rock his hot pants. :) I love this picture. 

Center of attention. 
EP advising Pops. 
Great Grandkids: Briggs. Jack. EP. Cooper

Aunt KK needs a girl- She spoils EP rotten already

It was a great trip- We have more pics, but this is all I could get together for now- Grandma Belle and EP's uncles also came to see her. It was a great trip and so fun to share Emma Perry with everyone and be at the beach. I love the beach.
Summer... are you here yet???

Friday, March 16, 2012

Brooklyn Bound!

 I love this picture. She's holding on so tight. 
 First time on the slide!

 Our apartment building is the tall one right above EP's head. 

Yesterday was another beautiful day. So we decided to head to Brooklyn and enjoy the weather, Grimaldi's, and Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Ferry back was amazingly quick to note. 

PS. Grimaldi's has a new location a few doors up from their old one- It a lot bigger, but I still reccomend skipping the formalities and heading to the park with take out. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Training

Anyone who knows William shouldn't be surprised that he has been teaching 
EP to kick, pass, and shoot the ball. 
It always makes me smile. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Swinging into Spring

AMAZING weather has finally come to town and I hope it stays until summer. We headed to Central Park for the day with friends from the ward. After EP and I headed through the park for a long walk and picked up Nolan from school. Then walked home and stopped at playgrounds along the way. My job is tough. Then William even got to meet up with us. 
Spring weather please don't leave us! 

 She LOVES the swings! 
 Pucker up! 


 Handsome Nolan. 

William requesting a lesson on double dutch. Pretty funny. 

I could handle more days like this.