Saturday, April 30, 2011

J Dawgs

I LOVE J DAWGS! It was so exciting to get back to JDawgs. It was as amazing as I remembered, but now they have their own store. I would give anything to have this in NYC!

Partying with Parsons

Spending time with the Parsons fam was anticipated as much as my graduation. We ate lots of good food, fun activities and talked for hours.

I miss Utah prices

Going into the grocery stores in Utah were enough to make me want to be sick. I love New York, but I miss the prices.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Grad Pics

Temple Square with Family

After graduation we headed to In and Out for some delicious food on the go before heading to Salt Lake to check out Temple Square. We had a great time walking around Temple Square together.

I also got to go to my BFF, Megan's, baby shower. She is having a baby in August. Im so excited to have babies so close together!

Graduation Day!

Will and I headed to Utah to meet some of my family and our friends to celebrate. We started off the weekend of events with an introduction to Cafe Rio. They loved it as much as I wanted them to! the next day was graduation. I was excited, but had no idea the feeling of pure giddiness that I would feel when I stepped off that stage and heard my family yelling for me (yes, they did cheer) and saw my paparazzi husband waiting to take my picture. I was overwhelmed at the feelings of support that I felt at this moment.
This is the moment.

The Supportive Fam: Mawmaw, Uncle Jim, Caroline, Will, Me, Pawpaw, Maggie, Aunt Sherry

Doesn't Maggie look great on this campus?
The best friends: Robby and Esther (Minus Rob)

This was such a fun day and I'm so excited to have my Elementary Education Major and be prepared to teach in the future. I met amazing people at BYU and had great memories.
I am thankful for my family and husband for supporting me through college and for BYU for being just the right college for me.