Monday, April 5, 2010

I looked out the window and what did I see...

Happy Easter!
We had a great Easter starting off with visiting Kentwoods neighborhood in DC. There were 1000s of Cherry Blossom trees filling each street of this darling neighborhood. It was romantic and lovely. I would love to live in a sweet neighborhood like this one day with William and our family of little munchkins.

Can you believe this sight? It is so beautiful.

HAHA- I usually don't post pictures of myself. Well actually I don't usually take pictures like this, but Catherine enjoyed that she caught me dazing.

Great day together with family. I really like Easter. Its a symbol of Resurrection and new beginnings of life. New beginnings is interesting because wouldn't every beginning be a new one?
We watched conference all weekend and felt it was directed to families and how to make them follow the Gospel in such a way to find true joy. We are grateful for family.

Happy Easter activities

Easter egg dying, playing in the park, and hunting eggs. We had a fun filled spring break with the kids. I loved just spending the days of beautiful weather with the kids and playing the the city's parks. We also hit up the circus and I was amazed! I have never been to a real circus and I just could not get enough of the body benders, trapeze fellas, and motorcycle guys that I could not even watch they were so tricky. I want to see elephants up close- They are remarkable looking animals. We also went to Staten Island on the Ferry and visited the Staten Island Museum. We ate lunch at Benihana and played at Central Park. It was a long break, but so fun to play with boys and just be little boys playing in the parks all day.

Easter Egg hunt starting line

Coolest product I have seen- Crayola 3-D Chalk. Its amazing and works so well. A must buy for kids 5 and up. I loved it as much as they did.