Friday, July 29, 2011

Spacious West Village Studio Available

This is the caption found on Craigslist that caught our eye 2 years ago while desperately searching for an apartment for William's internship. I loved several others, but William was SOLD on this TINY apt with no closet in a 3 floor walk up- But it had light. and it was in the most amazing neighborhood in the city. and its ours.

My favorite comment from visitors:
"Is this it?" -Jeff Nelson - Later we fit the entire Nelson family into our apartment. Quite the accomplishment.
We heard this phrase many times from friends and family and I think we both loved it. I was proud of us for living in such close quarters for so long. Note: We are only moving because we decided baby Egan may not enjoy the close quarters as much as we do.

Breakfast Treats

Not only was it a treat to enjoy yummy Sarabeths French Toast from the Chelsea Market location, but having it with this guy made it the best Saturday morning activity. Yum.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Duff Girls Come to Town

This weekend we had special guests- Maggie, Caroline, and Aunt Sherry- we did lots of fun things in the city together- I love having guests to remind me how fun this great city is!
Caroline's first subway ride- We headed downtown to see the Statue of Liberty, eat at Shake Shack, shop at Century 21, shop in Soho and wear our feet out!

Next stop Times Square and the M&M store

Paps are always chasing William down
Growing up with Mags meant growing up with Lion King- It was her favorite movie and I vividly remember her carrying Simba and Nala everywhere we went. Aunt Sherry was kind enough to get us tickets for the Broadway show. It was AMAZING.

We left the show in amazement to eat at La Toloache in midtown. Its so yummy, especially the sweet plantains.
We also checked out the Harry Potter Exhibit- Maggie knows everything about HP and was a great guide. It was really interesting to see all of the props.

No trip to visit the Egans is complete without a trip to Westville and walk around the Village.
We headed to a friend's house for desert on their rooftop- I love finding my husband in the center of kids. He is going to be the best dad.
I love this city and the man beside me to experience it.

Mags and me with the Hudson behind us. It was so good to spend time with her.
Walking through Chinatown and Little Italy
After a few days of touring we decided to spoil ourselves with the most amazing foot massages one will ever experience. William stayed with us for protection, but this place was clean and the staff was so nice.
Some friends recommended this place- 25 bucks for an hour foot and leg massage WITH a pedicure! They also have an hour massage for 30 bucks!
Its called
Renew Day Spa
42 Bowery St
2nd Floor

(between Bayard St & Canal St)

It was just what we needed! We felt revived enough to head back uptown to meet Sherry and Caroline at the Marriott Marque revolving restaurant. It was a really cool place to get yummy strawberry lemonade and see the city from another view.
It was a great trip with the girls and I can't wait to see them again- or to visit Mag at BYU :) but I'm Ole Miss is okay too.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chipotle Testing Kitchen

Our new favorite spot in our neighborhood is the Chipotle Testing Kitchen. Located on
149 8th Avenue- They try out new flavors, meats, etc We have been loving it.

Escargot and Souffles

Stephen and Michael came into town and treated us to Bar Pitti and Capsouto Freres . William tried escargot for the first time and kind of liked it! We both enjoyed delicious chocolate souffles. Its always fun when they come to visit!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cooper's Beach

We enjoyed a fun filled day at Cooper's Beach with friends today. I loved this place!

31 weeks prego- notice Ang's cute bump

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ice Cream is so YUMMY

I'm a big fan of Ice Cream cones on a hot day. Apparently so is this little man.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hamptons adventures

My favorite day of the summer so far is spending the day showing Will around the Hamptons for the first time- I have been lucky enough to work out here for 3 summers, but William has not been out- until now! We went to the beach for hours- walked everywhere- took bikes into town- enjoyed yummy ice cream. It was perfect.

30 Weeks Pregnant

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fruity Fun

Been loving the fruit from the stand by our house. Another thing I love about NYC.

Glee sighting in our hood

For all those Gleeks out there- We spotted them filming in West Village.


I was babysitting tonight for some friends on the Upper East Side and had this amazing view.