Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day in New Canaan

City living is pretty awesome, but getting out of the city is always tricky. Esp now that we have kids. We took the train out to CT this weekend to the Andrew's parent's home. 
Pretty amazing to open their home to so many kids and their kids for the weekend. 
I loved being in a home- everynight was a big sleepover
When we got back there were lots of comments about how much we missed each other. 
It was pretty special. 


The girls headed to Westport to shop and explore- I LOVE the flags. Love America. 

Many hands make light work- Everyone was so helpful with EP this weekend- It was really nice to not be holding or watching her at all times. 
Maybe the childless couples got baby fever? Or maybe just a nice dose of birth control??
Wiffleball, soccer, waterballoons, grilling, basketball, golf, board games, pychiatrist and volleyball.... 

Erica is a grill master. 

EP decided it was time to stand for the first time in front of the Checkett boys @ Waveny Park
- show off. 

The football game and girl talk haulted as they all joined with us to celebrate this milestone. 
It was so sweet of everyone to be so proud of her. 
Good friends. 
Will looks like a pioneer in this pic to me. 

Moments like this will continue to amaze me. 
First time in a high chair
Girls were in another room chatting while Will had EP- We heard yelling and cheering and ran in to find this- they were having a contest to see who she would go to. Notice the bribes of food and iphone. 
Hilarious to find a bunch of grown mean do such adorable boyish things. 


Can't get enough of these two. 

Check out their verticals. Nate and Will. 

Drew manning the grill while we play. 

What a great weekend away- Thanks to Andrew and his family for hosting us!!! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Renuited with the Nelsons

We were so excited to see the Nelson's this weekend- When we moved to NYC we came out together from BYU and went to the beach and explored together during the Summer of 09. It was so fun to have them back and talk about whats happened since they moved- They are in Southern California now and Jeff is headed back to school at UCLA. 
We miss having them in NYC with us, but happy they are doing well!! 

EP can't help making a few new friends everywhere we go. 
She LOVES Rach!! 
Best buds- hopefully our next photoshoot will be in Cali

Come back soon!! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Afternoon at the park

 Courtney Welling made this amazing cake- fab, right?
 I love when I look over and see William at work with the kids. 
EP is going to love having him as a dad. 

 I am seriously thinking about investing in a pair of these for EP and a helmet while we are at it. 

Hope your Sunday afternoon was as nice as ours! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Across the River

I highly reccommend a trip on the PATH train across the river to Hoboken. We ate some mexican and enjoyed Rita's with friends. Not to mention there is an indoor mall with a Panda Express close by. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012


EP goes straight for the bathroom when I leave the door open- She loves the toilet and esp the toilet paper. And that monkey crawl of hers is so dang fast I've got to pay attention!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fresh air in MD

When we can we try to escape for some truly fresh air to DC. We rented a car and drove down for the weekend- we filled our time with cousins, walks on the Potomac River, Grandparents, Cafe Rio, and jumping on the trampoline.