Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8 months and counting....

Girls Night at Sarabeths

My dear friend Angie is moving to San Francisco this week- we were happy to get together and have some girl time, but wish it wasn't for this reason. We have loved getting to know the Hardings and will miss them, but we are already planning out trip to San Fran and excited for their future there.

PS- Sarabeths has expanded to Tribeca and its ADORABLE! It might be my favorite location. Whats even cooler is that Sarabeth was there in the kitchen working the night we ate there- Such yummy food and amazing service. You must check it out!

Take a tour of Battery Park

I am loving Battery Park these days- I recommend long walks in the afternoon through the park.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene makes an appearance- albeit a small one

We decided that considering the weather forecast for Hurricane Irene that we should retreat to a place a bit more comfortable... the Hamptons. One of my favorite places.
We stayed with the Demares in a boarded up beautiful home to ride out the storm.
Saturday was spent eating amazing chef prepared food and playing with the kids in the rain. William was such a champ the whole weekend playing with a bunch of wild boys! (notice the perfectly manicured yard)
Check out that wind speed.

William getting blown around in the wind as the storm neared

This is about the extent of damage we sustained- No internet or cable- no need for this HUGE generator that would power the entire house for 5 days if needed, but we had so much fun! Other areas had severe damage- even down the street, but we felt extremely blessed to be safe and sound.

The first sight of sunlight! Thanks Irene for sparing us!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Babysitting in the Hamptons

I had the opportunity to babysit for the Demare's this summer on the weekends- It was great to spend more time at the Hamptons with the boys. I also got to spend most every Friday with the Goodsteins at the beach club and by the pool. I can't complain much about work this summer- Its been great! Esp when William gets to join. Some of my favorite moments..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We love Catherine

Catherine came to visit us before she headed out to Utah. We love this girl and will miss her!

34 weeks pregnant
This is a fancy chocolate store in Rockefeller- I think the decor is superb.
City Hall park poses
Our new view... Cat... come back soon.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Egan Moving Company takes a Break

Calleen and Bill headed to NYC this weekend to perform some magic. They arrived Friday night- drove to the Hamptons on Saturday to meet me for lunch and a walk on the beach while I was at work- then came back to the city to help William move us into our new apartment. I showed up Sunday to see that our entire apartment was emptied and "magically" appeared in our new place. Seriously, it was amazing. Can't thank all three of them enough.

West Village Subway goodbyes

Our last day of me walking Will to the subway at our West Village apartment was a sad one. I love walking him down and getting one last kiss between the bars before he jets off to catch the train. We are going to miss our stop. our apartment. and our neighborhood.