Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sweet Retreat to Greenwich, CT

Lizzie and JT shared a Greenwich treasure with us today- Island Beach.
We had a great day just enjoying the sun and swimming the the
chilly East Coast water. It was just so nice and refreshing to breath
clean air and be at the beach with friends.
Thanks Team Davis for a great day!!
This place was just so great- You can see how small the island is-

We were suppose to be racing, but when I looked back
Will had never started- just watching me hustle to the buoy.


This picture is really funny to me.

Just a short ferry ride to the main land

Then the train back to the city- Love those Harding kids

Saturday, July 3, 2010


This morning I knew no matter how hot is was- that William had a plan for a busy day. First on list free kayaking at the Hudson River. It was so peaceful to be out on the River and look back on the beautiful urban landscape of the city. Great idea William.

Then we headed off to Brooklyn to explore and try out some bikes. We are not sure if we want a bike or not, but it was a fun excuse to see a different neighborhood.
Dinner at Whole Foods and some World Cup action wrapped up this delightful day.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I am really lucky to have all four of my grandparents alive and healthy for all of my life. In the past few months my Grandaddy has undergone a series of surgeries and set backs, but is not letting it keep him from working towards recovery. Last minute this week I flew home to be with my Pawpaw who suddenly went into the hospital for Encephalitis, but now has fought throw that to then get pneumonia. It is still very serious, but we know he is a fighter and can get conquer this. These men are very important to me and I know they have a lot more life to live. I am thankful for both families faith in prayer, modern medicine, and family to get through this difficult time.