Thursday, December 24, 2009

Welcome to DC

Laura, my boss, gave us two train tickets to DC for Christmas. It was so much fun to leave Penn Station and arrive at Union Station DC. It was Christmas Eve and we both worked then hopped on the train to make it for Christmas Eve activities before the sun was even down! Christian picked us up and we were pretty excited to spend time with our friend and family.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Smallest Apt in New York City- Ha

Check this out before reading my post.

So after reading this I just think you should know that our apartment is smaller than this one. We are getting a little prideful about our place and I keep thinking I should take pictures and send it in to the New York Post. We LOVE our apt. Could not make me move. Will looks all the time at other apartments, but I always get upset and say that he is cheating on our apt by looking at other ones. Its so cozy and sweet. This week we added curtains. Love this place.

New Tradition

Hot coco on Cannons roof. William has decided this is our new thing. We liked it while it lasted. It was cold. They have an AMAZING view! Thanks Tay for getting the cute mugs and coco for us. Tay was cold and ran ahead before our photo shoot.

Monday, December 7, 2009


My Uncles Stephen and Michael came to NYC this week- We took them to a few of our favorite places and they took us to theres! They are NYC pros. I love these guys- They took us to our first NYC Broadway play- Wicked. Words do not express my passion for this show. It was moving. I want to defy gravity for it. I recommend, no I insist, you come to NYC or catch the traveling show to see it in your life. It is a MUST. I almost cried at intermission thinking it was almost over. It was amazing. Spectacular. I could keep going, but just call me. I have so much more to say. Will loved it even more than I thought. I was witty and clever and just inspiring. Then we hung out at the Plaza with them. Michael let me show him around my stomping grounds-downtown Manhattan- He is an excellent photographer so there will be more pics when I can get them from him.
When I was a little girl my Uncle Stephen told me the story of Phantom of the Opera and how one day he would take me there- Well he kept his promise. Phantom was darker, but spoke a deeper message of knowing who you are and why you are how you are. It was really powerful.
I am so happy I got to spend time with Michael and Stephen. Thank you both for coming!!


I really want to stop everything I am suppose to be doing for work today and blog a bit for the first in a month, but no. I will not give in... even though my background still says, "Happy Haunting!" .... maybe in a few days you will hear whats up with us.... back to work.