Friday, September 18, 2009


Today at the Natural History Museum Marcus told me that these two guys were fighting. I asked him why he thought they were fighting- He responded, "Over a girl, because I hear that why guys get mad at eachother."
Another conversation- I am talking to Clara at work and she asks when Will and I are planning to have kids- Marcus runs in and says "Amanda already has kids." "Oh really Marcus, who are my kids?" I asked. He responds, "Luca and me!" This makes the longest of days worth it. At least they know I care loads about them and want the best things for them. I cant wait to have a family with kids too.


I felt like this was my most common position if I was not wrestling with the boys- Luca and Marcus are so great. We did so many crafts and projects this summer- The summer was so relaxed- but I am excited to have a schedule with school and get into routines, but I will miss the summer days so much.... Some of my favorites are- Enchanted Learning, Kaboose, copy the ideas from Oriental Trading with things you already have, DLTK, Crayola, and there are lots more, but these are easy and quick with some that require very little prep and supplies. Look for the kits they sell online and make your own- Really great to take an hour to prep a few ziplocks with the materials ready and they have a craft stock for when you need to shake things up. I have to make a list of the ideas I see so when I need to pull something out of my hat I can. Please share any other ideas- I did tie die t-shirts because I saw Olivia did them with her kids- So fun!!

River walks

Because we lost all of our pictures in the robbery I feel the need to document everything here-- just in case. Google just has to stand the times as well. We love walking on the Hudson- Esp at night. This city does the most amazing job with parks and activities. There are many public tennis courts, basketball, swimming, playgrounds, fishing, rec fields and more to be found. We stopped for a little picture by a pretty plant one night on our walk to Battery City Park- We could see the Statue of Liberty from where we were- Pretty cool, but too dark for good pictures.

Sweet tooth fairy brought us...

.....Bananas and cream in a crumbly pie crust. Magnolia Bakery is a famous bakery in the city that makes me very happy. Will eats their famous cupcakes at work for bdays and loves them. After many nights of watching them frost cakes in the window- Will went right to the counter and ordered a banana cream pie- I was shocked- It was banana pudding in a dream crust. Delicious. Perfect. Delectable. Unbelievable. Makes me happy to think about it. I saved the box because I was so happy about this treat. Since then I have convinced everyone in my path to drop by.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Well really Manhattan, but my friend Rachael lent me a few books and that was one of them. Good book. Slow, but good because its about a little girl who watches the city from her fire escape window- just like ours. Makes me happy when people find pleasure in really simple things in such a ritzy and busy city. Like this. When I saw this I was really happy. A tree on the subway. You do what you have to do around here.


I want to be really good at golf. Will loves golf so much. We have gone back numerous times to DC for him to golf- I have never seen an person get so excited about an activity. So I took this picture for him when I was at the beach to promise him his loves would connect- something like that.

Take me out to the ball game...

This is a very true sign... So the story goes like this... We headed to the new home of the Yanks for a game in the beginning of the summer- sorry my post are very delayed- and we were planning to buy tickets when we got there off the streets- well long story short this group of scalpers/thieves sold us 4 or 5 sets of tickets that each did not work when we got to the gate. We were furious. I stayed out of it because William and Christian had it under control- Christian got in the gate somehow and left us with the scary guys- now I thought Christian was the mean one of us and could talk to these guys, but no, he went in the game. Then that left Will and me. I was furious and just wanted to get in the game. We had been ripped off for 5 tickets too many times. I went to the group of scary men and started the tears- angry tears and making a huge scene- people started looking and they whipped out our cash quick to try to get me to hush. I was a little proud of myself and thought I should share it. I think Will was shocked. He may have even been a little embarrassed, but we got in the game.

What a great night for a ball game. Everything was perfect. It was so beautiful and I couldn't get enough of the stadium. Rachael and Jeff joined us as well. The new stadium is really nice, not as much character as you might imagine for the Yanks, but very nice. Great night!!

I really love this pic because we are both straight from work- Will is totally the guy in the suit with a ball cap kind of guy. Love it.

We took Christian to our favorite park by our house. It has a beautiful fountain and arch. In case anyone doesn't know- These two have been best friends since they were five.
Thanks for coming to see us Christian.

US (William and Amanda) Weekly

I NEVER know anything about A-listers or celebs- Katie my cousin, Esther my bf, and my dear husband are my insiders when I need to know gossip. We indulge in a good trashy magazine every once and awhile. So I thought I should document my list of sightings and interactions thus far in NYC.

1. Will Ferrell- Walking into Bubby's (a popular restaurant in Tribeca)- another nanny was with me and thought I was hilarious for my reaction. I was just so proud of myself for knowing something like that- although I will admit that I did not know his name at the time- I just knew he looked familar. This particular picture displays my excitment to see such a silly person.

2. Cameron Diaz- This was perhaps the most interesting of my endevors with celebrities. My sweet sis-in-law Allison came to visit us for the weekend and on the way back from taking her to the bus I got stuck in the annual Pride Parade- I was lost in a sea of rainbows, painted bodies and crazy costumes. I was in my church clothes and heals and a bit out of place. I was about in tears because my 30 sec walk from the train was nearing 30 min and I my phone was dead and I knew Will was freaking out.... when I looked up and saw her. She stood out because she is so blonde and she was in normal clothes. I would have had the most amazing pics if my stupid camera would have stayed alive for me. At this moment she was with a small posey and noone else saw her- everyone there was looking at the parade- She looked at me and said something about me being a part of the parade- jokingly and how out of place we look. Then I started to follow her. I dont know why, but she talked to me- so I had to... she asked where I was headed and I said home and she said the same- then her posey guy started talking to me and I did not want to be obnoxious so I backed off and tried to get a shot with my phone- dead. Well after that excitment I was so happy about seeing her that I forgot about getting home and I started running. Just a little earlier I was sitting down frustrated about being contained in such craziness- Just as I got to our apt I realized I lost our MetroCard- This is an unlimited subway card for the month that Will uses to get to and from work- gone. I lost it in the crowd. I grabbed Will searched all over and after not finding it felt terrible. I forgot about seeing Cam (we are on a nickname basis now) and dont even think I told Will for a few hours. It was fun while it lasted!

3. Jennifer Lopez- Filming her new movie outside my work- this is a pic I took of her storming out of the Franklin Stop on the 1 train. Movie is called The Back-up Plan. My boss thinks this is hilarious when I come in with things like this during the day.

4. Whoopi Goldberg- Mac store in Soho- tried to take a pic and she moved to dodge it- Thats why I am not a paparazzi

5. Uma Thurman- Cant find a picture to show you how normal this little fam looked while walking in front of our place- Will spotted this one and we just stood there to watch the very trendy, but relaxed family walk around town.

6. President Taylor from 24- Cherry Jones standing outside talking to the bad guy in Antitrust- Tim Robbins talking in front of our apt.

7. Blake Lively- She is on my guilty pleasure GossipGirl, which just started its third season on the CW. Many of you may also know of her in Sisterhood of the traveling pants. I told Will all summer that I HAD to see her. I have a bit of a crush on her. I think its the hair. I want long blonde locks that go curly or straight. Her style is always fun to watch for as well. My Aunts and Mawmaw were in town for Fashion Night Out 2009 and Angie and Will spotted her in the Ralph Lauren store on Bleeker Street by our house. Swarms of girls were around and we were attcking her with photos, but this jewel was taken with my phone by our very own paparazzi- William. I had to check her out and could not be bothered with photos.

8. The MTV VMA red carpet- my favorites- Taylor Swift, Jay-Z/ Beyonce', Gossip Girl Crew lots others- It was more for the excitement of being there- we saw lots of people- I would not leave. I dont know what it is for me, but its so fun to experience all of these very new things.

well thats all I can remember- I will add to the list as they come...

Not a New York minute

So I have thought of a lot of things that are post worthy, but there honestly has not been one minute to spare around here- Our apartment got broken into and we had our computer stolen and camera- dont be alarmed- all is well. But now all the pics I have are on my camera so bare with the randomness. William left today on a chore to Utah to get all of our clothes for our long haul in NYC. I could not take off work right now and so he decided to and be forced to be back to the one place we miss more than anything. UTAH!!! I miss it. He will be driving our car, with our friends, at our school, and our stomping grounds. So I have decided to take this time to decorate our apt's white walls, shop around NYC, take LOTS of sweet pics around the city, prep a few meals, post some blogs, and MISS MY HUSBAND! Enjoy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fashion week

Anyone close to me knows- I am not a fashionista- I can put together a mean Jcrew outfit ( I worked there), but outside of cardigans flats I am lost. So tonight with my Mawmaw, Aunt Sherry, Aunt Angie, and William we hit up Fashion Night out. We started on canal, worked our way to SoHo and then up by our house on Bleeker. It was SO awesome. They were giving out free gifts (ask Angie about this one) and lots of free food! We ate at Morandi- We have been talking it up a lot and we were not in love, but glad to try it. We saw Blake Livily- Love her. Also what else would complete a fashion night out but treats at Magnolia Bakery? Thanks for coming up to visit ladies!

During this week of fashion events in NYC- Will snuck into numerous fashion shows at Bryant Park- where all of the biggest shows were. Then he snuck me into the Lacoste show!!!! It was so unbelievable. I could not get enough of it. I looked totally out of place, while Will just strutted around in his suit like he was the next one on the runway. It was priceless.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Great Jobs.

Well to say the least we have been really busy. Its been crazy out here in the city. Lets see whats been going on... I have been working for a great family. The DeMare's who have two young boys- who are 4 and 6. The boys have allowed me to explore the city and have a load of fun. We have been to Central Park a few times (my favorite outing), Statue of Liberty, Natural History Museum, New York Hall of Science, Battery Park, we do lots of crafts and play every board game and sport that you could imagine. The older one is a chess champ- Although I am currently terrible I actually offered slight competition recently and had not felt such a sense of accomplishment in a long time. Its a game of strategy and thinking ahead. I got to spend a lot of time with them at the Beach in the Hamptons. Its more that what I thought. I really like small quaint beach towns. I really love my job. Can't you see why-

Now the crazy part about all of this is William's job. I took my job with a one year commitment- therefore we knew no matter what happened with his three month internship we would be staying here for a while. Well after only 4 weeks will shows UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) that he was the right man for a job opening up in the regional office. His mentor for his internship recommended him and he interviewed with a few people and got it. It was pretty unbelievable. What a blessing to have to great jobs work out for us. He LOVES his new job and is learning so much. He works right in the heart of the city-
Looks like we will be here for a while!