Sunday, November 29, 2009


Thanksgiving day was full of family food and fun. This was my first Thanksgiving in DC.
We have a lot to be Thankful for this year- Jobs, moving to New York, our Ward, friends, family and having the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.

William, Matt, and Spencer

Bill and Calleen always try to make everything PERFECT for us. Thank you!
Me, Adrienne, and Kayla

We have started a little family b-ball time when we got to DC now- I LOVE IT! Obviously Will loves basketball, but I had no idea Mr. Bill and Mark would represent on the court as they did. Catherine, oh Catherine- Lets just say I went easy on you after you could take my mad defense.
William's got one shot- thats all you need when you sink it every time right?
This is a embarrassing picture- But I think you should now how much I got into this to appreciate the story.

Favorite pic of Catherine. She is pretty intense player herself.

Mark drives to the basket.

What does a foul look like?

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top of the Rock

View of Manhattan's southern skyline
Little buddy Marcus
William is hard at work at his office- And I call this work.
Northern view- Central Park

Marcus and I went to the Top of the Rock today to check out the city from one of its most amazing vantage points. If you come to NY this is definitely worth doing and bring your camera!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall into fall

I LOVE FALL. The crisp air. The beautiful colors. Oh I love fall in New York. This is honestly the best time of the year. I can't stop soaking it in. If I didn't have a job I would sit in Central Park under a colorful tree for hours and think about the colors of autumn and how much I love them. Love it all. I mean honestly to walk out our apartment door and to see these is a dream.

Monday, November 9, 2009

America's Capital

This happened a longgg time ago. But I am going to start trying to catch up on some must have posts. The Cannons came home with us for the weekend. This was actually one of our first few hang outs together. But after three days together and a long bus ride we are best buds. Taylor and Craig have lived in the city for a while now and little did we know become our event planners for the next few months. We toured DC on our trip- LOVED going downtown. Then we hung out with the fam and went to the Temple. Don't forget played in the leaves with Kayla our sweet niece. Annabelle was around too and I would not let anyone else hold her! They are darling.

Taylor is actually a movie star- This is a pic I got from TMZ from the paparazzi
They are so embarrassing
Check out the LEAVES!!!

I feel a special connection with Lincoln- We actually have the same B-day

Great Falls

Meet Kayla

Friday, November 6, 2009

Yankees 2009 Champions!

A Met fan in the Yankee crowd- Need I say more?

The boys and I went to the Yankees celebration parade a bit ago and the event was so memorable I needed to share. It was nuts. The boys wanted to get out of school and go- So I was in for the adventure. I almost broke my back picking them up high enough to see over the crowd to see "Eric Jeter"- Good times all around. It was a blast being here for the Yankees big win this year!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Where's Waldo.. and Wenda??

William decided we should be Waldos for Halloween. I was so excited and went nuts putting costumes together! We went to our Ward party for lunch and enjoyed the company of our fun ward and then shopped around the city- Then we got decked out and headed to the Annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. We were warned it would be nuts- it rained a little :) but was so cool. As you see in the pics- We met up with the ghostly Cannons, and Casey and Todd Matheny- watched the parade- went to a packed Five Guys for grub and then to the Mathenys to relax. We played the envelope game- which made us all a lot closer. Will is thought to be a Hobo- I have feet that double for skis- Casey is out of control- Taylor will have a few husbands- Todd thinks we're all nuts- and Craig is stuck in the closet. It was quite entertaining to say the least.
Just in case you didn't know- Wenda is Waldo's women
Can you guess who the Matheny's are?
People actually stopped Taylor and Craig and asked if they were KKK members. They are in fact ghost- not to be confused. Wow.