Sunday, February 28, 2010

More snow

illiam went on a little walk today after work to catch the our neighborhood's beauty.

Check out these sunsets- This is one of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. People were lined up in the streets

From our window- Love our apt.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekends should be 5 days

Luca told us the other day that he thought weekends should be 5 days and weekdays should be two- I thought this was genius. This weekend was pretty great though.
We basically spent the whole weekend with Taylor and Craig - She gives a good recap, but I will do the same.
Friday was Marcus' birthday party. I loved getting it all together and planning with my boss- she is good at mixing classy taste of great catering and location with kid friendly bouncers and fun. The party turned out great! Marcus had a blast!! That was the most important thing. Taylor came to take pictures and help with set up- I was so happy to have her there. Thanks Tay. Here are some good ones. . . It was Yankees theme
Marcus loved his cake, but most of all he just wanted to make sure that he got the yankees from the cake- he kept reminding us throughout the party and I literally snatched one from a kids hand after he blew out the candles.
The food was so cute and good
Some favors
Bday table for the kids

The entertainment was spectacular. I was all a great success.

Then we hit up Valentine's Day movie after meeting up with the boys. It was better than expected. Fun to hang out with the boys after a really long week.

Saturday we went shopping for the boys new brown dress shoes. It was fun to watch them search for the perfect shoe for work. They both found exactly what they were looking for- We went to the upper east side to a shoe store and Taylor actually had a gift card for pedicures around there so she TREATED us ALL to pedicures! I will add pictures later because it was a priceless event. Will had to be coaxed, but he LOVED IT! And took every chance to show off his feet through the weekend. Taylor is the best.
Then we headed to our new favorite restaurant- Bianca- yes same one we went to last week for my Birthday dinner. I had a hard time trying something new, but the Lasagna I have ever had. Amazingly impressed again. Thanks Bianca.

Sunday- Nursery lasted a long time today! Kids were nuts!!! after church we walked to Washington Square park to enjoy the slightly warmer weather- we are ready for the snow this weekend though- ughhhhh
Watched Count of Monte Cristo- We had never seen it- gets a 7

So I agree with Luca- Weekends should be 5 days instead of 2 if they were all like this one- sweet and simple and just great.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Show your LOVE

We love lots of people in this world and we want to remind everyone we know near or far that we LOVE you! We are thankful for our new family of friends in New York. We love our families in Maryland, Mississippi, Utah, and anywhere else you may be! Hope your Valentines day was full of sweet delights!
To celebrate the day we spent time with our sweet nursery kids at church, came home and relaxed, made a delicious meal.
And then this delish dessert!!!

And smelled my sweet roses that I wanted to take to church with me because
they smelled so magnificent.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend and knows that we are thankful for all of our friends and family that we love so much!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Birthday Bliss

Let me worn you- I don't usually pamper myself like this, but this year I decided whether I deserved it or not I was doing it. So brace yourself for a spoiled girl's bday agenda.
6:45- Alarm goes off for my normal day, but I hit snooze as I remembered I have the day off!!! Thanks Laura!! Then we laid in bed and talked about the day at hand.
7:20-William had a big day at work so he headed off.
7:30-I watch my favorite Seinfeld episodes and relaxed while I did a f
ew things around the house and took a really long time to slo
wly get ready for the day.
9-Wrote an emo blog post that is out of the ordinary for me
11-Sat in Anthropology while talking to my grandparents. Love the ambiance of that place.
12-Meet William for lunch. We had a great lunch at Chop't- yummy southwest chicken salad.
He got great news at work today and I was more into celebrating that then my bday. We chatted about work and everything we wanted until his lunch break was over and I had to leave.
2- Walked into Bliss spa where I enjoyed spending my bday present from my boss as I got a massage, ate chess and crackers, took a steam shower, used great products and basically soaked up every second of the 2 hours I was there. I did everything slowly and for once in a long time did not think about anything but enjoying being spoiled. This place was
Walked into this sight.

Got into my robe here before my massage and spent one hour taking an amazing waterfall steam shower in this amazing bathroom. Then got completely ready at this counter for our date. The shower head was unbelievable- it was attached to the top of the ceiling instead of the wall- I am not aspiring to have this type of shower head in my home one day.

I ate fruit, cheese, crackers, and brownies in this pre/post relaxation room. I then had a cup of caffeine free tea before heading to the shower. This room was so nice. I never feel like I have nothing to do or a care in the world and here I let go of everything.
This is the place of heavenly rub down. She was shocked at my knots in my shoulders and suggested my husband start working on my knots. Better believe I have been using that one since then. And Taylor of course helps me out consistently.

4:30- Walked out of Bliss onto the streets of soho to shop until William was ready to meet me for dinner. He had picked out a new restaurant that I was really excited to try!
6- Met at Bianca for the Most amazing dinner I have had in the city. I ate the smallest of bites possibly because there was so much flavor you only needed a little bit. William got bolognese and I got the pan seared filet mignon.

7:30- Went to Coach store by our house to get my darling gift!!! Will got me a heart keychain for my ugly huge set of keys I have to have everyday. I loved it- perfect practical gift for me. Dessert at Magnolia bakery- Chocolate cake and banana pudding. I love their banana pudding and I actually don't love cake, but I LOVED THIS CAKE tonight.

8- Made my birthday wish. shhh. Cant share.
9- Worn out and watched a movie and relaxed with William


Friday, February 12, 2010

23 is a big number.

Today is my 23rd Birthday and I HAVE THE DAY OFF!!!! I am very excited about this, but I am having a hard time getting going today because I have a lot on my mind about this new year for me. I keep watching Seinfeld episodes and thinking about how they always share their random seemingly useless thoughts with each other so I decided to see what happens when I spill my beans of thoughts. . .
23 things thoughts I have on my mind
1. Be prepared before the time for decisions arises- Thomas S. Monson
2. Friendship is bringing a tennis ball and ibuprofen l to church
because I mentioned my back was bothering me
3. Work is hearing your boss say thank you and know that she means it
4. Being a nanny is hearing the kid say he wants you to stay longer that night to play
5. Going to church is to learn to become a better friend with Jesus
6. Going to nursery is to see how amazing children are and to learn from them
7. Coming home at the end of an exhausting day is only bad if you have no one to share it with
8. Being married is tough. But the great times are great for a reason.
9. I can not be the perfect friend, daughter, cousin, grand daughter,
sister, inlaw, and wife. But I can try.
10. Reading the scriptures everyday is hard sometimes, but I
feel happiest when its the hardest and I do it anyway.
11. Going to the temple, reading scriptures, going to church etc may seem like the Sunday school answers to solve problems in life- but you know
what they will NEVER make a problem worse.
12. I have ALL FOUR grandparents alive, healthy, and involved in my life. I pray my kids are as lucky as I am.
13. My little brother is 12. He has an email address and cell phone. I love talking to him.
14. I want to learn new skills this year. Not sure what but I love the idea of learning new things. Maybe an instrument, spanish, new sport, sewing- who knows yet
15. We got AMAZING jobs in one of the biggest cities in the world and love the challenges of living here. We miss our friends in Utah, but we love the city!
16. I have never had as many blessings as I have in the past 6 months.
17. I have so many more things to learn and accomplish before we have kids. I love our little family in our little apartment in this BIG city.
18. William teaches me about the stock market and finance. I teach him about yoga. I don't think you always have to have the same interest as long as you are willing to listen.
19. I am enjoying getting to know myself. Seeing what makes me have emotions of happiness, heartache, sympathy, gladness, etc.
20. I love surprises and want to surprise people more
21. Teaching others gives me a strong sense of purpose
22. Eating at new restaurants and doing new activities in the city makes me happy
23. Here's to a new list of things I want to learn, accomplish, and progress. Setting goals and sharing them is the only way for me to achieve them with success.

Love you William for humoring my randomness.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Schools out for a snow day- So we headed to Central Park after making Valentines Chocolates and watching the snowstorm from inside. We just had to get out and enjoy the weather! I was a little nervous about going, but it was a blast! The boys loved it. We had to find a ramp to sled on to keep everyone entertained, but I could have done it all day. I just hope the snow stays until this weekend so Will can come with. I worked late tonight so Will came to tell the boys a bedtime story- tonight it was the history of the Red Sox and Yankee rivalry. It was hilarious how in tune the boys are when he is talking to them. Love my husband and my job. Blessings. My friend Young was the mastermind to hit the park- Great idea.

I want to build an igloo to stay right here for a while.
Previous snow day getting pelted by Marcus
Luca lost 4 teeth in a matter of days!!

Central Park is one of the best features of NYC. I love this place. So much. I am sad I am not there right now. Its so pretty. ahhhh......