Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday America

We enjoyed the Kentlands breakfast at Darnestown Park this morning to be followed by a rousing tennis tourney at Dufief- Then Rachel and broke the trampoline in the Egan's backyard jumping together. Great. Then Rachel and I hopped on the metro to downtown DC to set up for the fireworks show on the 4th. We had a great spot between the Lincoln Monument and Washington monument. 

Rachel and I enjoyed the fireworks laying on our backs looking up and feeling each burst. The boys on the other hand enjoyed them from the security gate, thanks for the serious effort running to join us after golf. If only Christian wouldn't have been there to slow you down. 
On the wild walk home we ran into Albert. Einsten that is. He was quite the sight and perfect to perch for a picture 

Happy Birthday William

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear William. 
Happy birthday to you!!! 

I think this picture is hilarious. Look at our faces. It makes me laugh out loud. 

Make a wish!!! 

William got to go golfing this weekend with his dad, Christian, and myself at this amazing course we found on accident in Clarksburg- Little Bennett. It was so beautiful. We went twice in one day because we loved it so much. Barns on hole one. Creeks everywhere. The rain cleared as we drove up and the greenery was amazing. William just kept saying "this is the best thing we could be doing" Happy Birthday.

Out on the town with the Nelsons




Poor Rache- listening some crazy story with me talking away hands and all

Nike should pay us for this type of publicity. 

Trying to help the street performers make a dime. 

Exploring the city

 Central Park sightseeing

"I'm addicted. I'm addicted to golf." - Tiger Woods
Will is DYING to get on the links. Missing Hobble Creek. 

A Tree Grows in West Village

Our first Saturday we sprung out of bed to the sound of taxis and people and headed off to the market at the local park and picked out our favorites to plant out side our window. William really took off with the green thumb- We love the windows in this place. 

Check out our view when he was done! This window is the main reason we chose this place- most places we saw looked out onto a dark building- but here we have LIGHT!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Camping with Parsons

Pictures and captions to come... Check out Esther and Rob's blog for better pics